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For roasting coffee beans I use a bread machine from the good will (used to
mix the beans only no heat) it cost $5.00 and a head gun (from harbor
fright) was $10.00 now a little more.  It will roast a pound of beans easy!
To cool the beans I use a stainless steel bowl with 1/8" (about 100+)holes
drilled in the bottom and set in the top of a 5 gallon plastic pail through
the side of the pail about 5" up from the bottom I hooked a shop vacuum to
it, it will cool the beans in about a minute.  The same shop vacuum I use to
clean up chaff from bread machine and around the area of the roast.  This
method works well and you can see and here the beans roasting so you can
pull them when you reach the point you want in your roast. 

AS for the Sumatra beans, I would not buy more than a pound to start until
you know for sure you like them?  To me they have a musty basement taste
some call earthy I call yuck-key.  You may love them that's what makes the
world go around we all like different things.

PS: keep notes of what you like an dislike or you will be roasting the same
beans you hate again...........   

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Hey everyone,
I received my green beans today and roasted my first batch of home roasted
coffee beans today(I decided to try a popcorn maker first, I plan to try
other low tech methods tomorrow). I roasted two batches, the first I brewed
shortly after with my French press, I liked the result even for an acidic
Latin American bean(I bought them from a local guy, I bought the cheapest
beans he had as experimental beans- they are from Mexico). The second batch
is sitting next to me, I plan to try it tomorrow after it has outgased
overnight. I can already tell that I am hooked and will be shopping for some
Sumatra beans after I finish this email.

Thanks for all of your valuable advice. I look forward to ordering a
roasting machine in a few months and catching up with all of you(My other
half even gave me the ok to buy the HotTop).

Ryan M. Ward

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