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Sat Jan 9 04:17:28 CST 2010

"...I thought, that you at one point did like espresso.
[Initially, I was forced to HATE the abominable drinks (Straight shots)
served by genuine baristas at actual coffee shops. Some even told me They
don't like straight shots-!-!-?-?]

Holy Cow- my opinion matched theirs- their opinion and their shots...

Now from your last two postings here I take it that you have never liked
espresso and like it even less now...Or have I again completely have your
post up side down and
inside out?" [You know, the image on the retina of the eye is inverted by
the simple lens...]

I absolutely did not like the beverage as served by every genuine barista at
actual coffee shops. I was ready to reverse my opinion, based on a shot
pulled by my friend, Carol. Daz Bog is a local roaster- the stuff they
delivered just wasn't fresh. Charlatans. I thought, "Damn! Espresso must
just be a way to dispose of coffee beans unfit for consumption."

Sorry, my post got truncated by some scheduled maintenance on the Box of 1's
and 0's. At 0330hrs I'm supposed to be conducting an inspection of the
inside of my eye lids or roasting. Way too cold last night, was Almost 32° F
when I roasted 10 hours ago. Cooling/ stopping was a cinch!

IMV FC+. Incredible at a relative 20 on the dial of the Mazzer. (Starting
point for all new espresso) 20 means nothing, but the burr separation is
0.012". I brewed the second shot at 18, or 0.011"  At the first sip, my
Celtic Critic said, "This is *Good,* still room for improvement-"

I hope. The Mason jars were ice cold from the ultra-cooled beans, and the
grounds out of the grinder made the PF basket cold without the normal trip
through the freezer before grinding. How to grind coffee without actually
making the grounds warm.

I got lots of Blueberry aroma from the roast when the beans were becoming
straw colored, none at all in the shots from the juvenile (age15m) roast.
Time will tell. We Love espresso on the odd times I do it right.

Belay 0300 maintenance.

Size matters. Consistent size matters more. Big, sharp burrs matter mostest.
I brewed two test shots on the extremely juvenile roast, first at 0.012"
setting, then 0.011" setting- at dial settings of 20 and 18, respectively.
Once the beans age properly, the flavor difference between 0.011" and 0.012"
is Huge, and that's two increments of the dial.

Single increments (0.0005") vary the brewing time and the resulting espresso
flavor. Even Half Steps (0.00025") make a difference when you're doing some
serious (The Symphony in the Cup!) shot pulling. If you're Not Serious, why
waste the Wampum or the Excellent Beans?

Hilarious Joke, wasting money on beans and an expensive espresso machine,
when the grinder is the bottleneck. If you can't taste the difference
between a 0.011" grind and a 0.0116" or a 0.012" grind, and your grinder
can't hope to hold the increment, you're sitting in the rong pew. It's also
unfair competition with the Crummy Coffee Shops of the galaxy.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!
Persist in old ways; expect different results - suborn Insanity...

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