[Homeroast] Coffee Twilight Zone ... or Outer Limits?

Bonnie Polkinghorn bonnie.polkinghorn at gmail.com
Fri Jan 8 15:59:12 CST 2010

I found a post asking about how to roast this coffee from 11/08, so try
going to


then, scroll really close to the bottom, it's the third coffee from the

Perhaps the ghost pirates from around the Bermuda Triangle returned the
magic gold sphere to the ocean, reviving the coffee review,


Bonnie P.

On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Dhananjaya <
djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net> wrote:

> OK, so I'm pondering my next roast, go through my inventory DB, see three
> or
> four possibilities, and I go sift through the actual coffee bags. And I
> notice one bag I didn't recall in the inventory and looking a bit aged. I
> go
> back to the database and sure enough, not there. Strange but things can
> happen. I guess I didn't put it in when I got it, from its looks at least a
> couple of years.
> Fine, that's my pick. I weigh it - 898gm. Into the database it goes with
> minimal information - I'll fill it in later. I roast 300gm and decide to
> look it up in Sweet Maria's archives ... nowhere to be found.
> OK, Thompson, what did you do with the El Salvador Cup Of Excellence -
> Finca
> Malacara archive? Or did I go through a wormhole and there was no such bean
> in this alternate reality? I looked in every year (yes, under "Salvador,
> El").
> Smells nice, though, and very clean with very little chaff. I'll give it a
> couple day's rest and see what turns out.
> DJ, looking for adventure and finding some ...
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