[Homeroast] Coffee Twilight Zone ... or Outer Limits?

Dhananjaya djgarcia at improbablystructuredlayers.net
Fri Jan 8 14:46:07 CST 2010

OK, so I'm pondering my next roast, go through my inventory DB, see three or
four possibilities, and I go sift through the actual coffee bags. And I
notice one bag I didn't recall in the inventory and looking a bit aged. I go
back to the database and sure enough, not there. Strange but things can
happen. I guess I didn't put it in when I got it, from its looks at least a
couple of years.

Fine, that's my pick. I weigh it - 898gm. Into the database it goes with
minimal information - I'll fill it in later. I roast 300gm and decide to
look it up in Sweet Maria's archives ... nowhere to be found.

OK, Thompson, what did you do with the El Salvador Cup Of Excellence - Finca
Malacara archive? Or did I go through a wormhole and there was no such bean
in this alternate reality? I looked in every year (yes, under "Salvador,

Smells nice, though, and very clean with very little chaff. I'll give it a
couple day's rest and see what turns out.

DJ, looking for adventure and finding some ...

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