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I would not call an infinity a crummy grinder. This was my point.

Ryan M. Ward

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> Any method of brewing that uses hot water to extract flavor and aroma from
> coffee, while releasing the oils to the cup, absolutely depends on having
> uniform sized coffee particles.
> Just like coal dust can combust explosively and large chunks burn for hours,
> coffee fines extract instantly, then over extract while the larger coffee
> particles may only partially (under) extract during the brew. No way around
> it, but people already know that.
> Blade grinders give you a choice. Grind faster by holding the button down.
> The added benefit is that the high velocity blade breaks the beans apart,
> then whips them again in a cloud of coffee dust.
> Depending upon when you release the button, some useful-sized chunks may
> remain. Much of the Kaleidoscope grind has become instant coffee dust with a
> progressive size distribution. All the grounds in the filter basket get
> brewed for the same length of time and any other changes just re-balance
> over extraction with under extraction.
> Nothing can be perfect when it's all different.
> The better* grinder always improves even the meanest brewing methods. Coffee
> machines are like computer applications- Garbage in, Garbage out.
> *Not It- the shiny toy with buttons, lights, knobs and digital readouts.
> Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
> Why saddle a good espresso machine or any coffee brewer with a crummy
> grinder?
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