[Homeroast] Espresso advice

Jim Gundlach pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Fri Jan 8 08:55:05 CST 2010

Looking back on my experiences, I recommend starting with a better  
grinder.  When I got my grinder I was focused on getting a better  
espresso machine but I ran across a non-working Mazzer Royal at a used  
restaurant supply store for $40.00 and I bought it as a fix-it  
project.  It turned out that it only had a broken power cord.  The  
burrs were a little dull and I went ahead and ordered new burrs for  
abut $60.00.  I ended up paying only about $100.00 for a machine that  
costs almost $1,500 new. It works perfectly and outside of turning to  
home roasting and finding SweetMarias as a source of coffee, getting  
the Mazzer Royal improved the quality of my coffee more than anything  
else.  I do not regret putting close to $1,500 into an espresso  
machine but I'd say that the quality espresso machine  improved the  
quality of my drink only about half as much as getting and fixing the  

On Jan 7, 2010, at 4:05 PM, Mark Jones wrote:

> Good afternoon everyone:
> I'm wondering if someone could provide some advice. I've been  
> throwing around the thought of advancing my espresso setup. I  
> currently have a Breville Cafe Modena and the Jura Capresso  
> Inifinity (Stainless.) The espresso machine, my wife got it free  
> from being at the Martha Stewart show. I bought the Capresso  
> thinking it was a nice grinder for making some decent espressos and  
> americanos. I make espresso from time to time, but mainly use my  
> Europress for the americanos.
> As time goes on, my coffee addiction has me wanting a Silvia and the  
> Rocky. Can I afford them? Well, I'm sure I'd find a way, but then  
> again, my wife would find a way to make me regret it. Could someone  
> please respond and tell me that what I have is alright and to wait  
> on the new equipment?
> I dont want to jump into a large expense when I'm ok with what I  
> have for as much as I use it.
> Thanks again everyone!
> NectaroftheGods
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