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Fri Jan 8 04:28:46 CST 2010

Any method of brewing that uses hot water to extract flavor and aroma from
coffee, while releasing the oils to the cup, absolutely depends on having
uniform sized coffee particles.

Just like coal dust can combust explosively and large chunks burn for hours,
coffee fines extract instantly, then over extract while the larger coffee
particles may only partially (under) extract during the brew. No way around
it, but people already know that.

Blade grinders give you a choice. Grind faster by holding the button down.
The added benefit is that the high velocity blade breaks the beans apart,
then whips them again in a cloud of coffee dust.

Depending upon when you release the button, some useful-sized chunks may
remain. Much of the Kaleidoscope grind has become instant coffee dust with a
progressive size distribution. All the grounds in the filter basket get
brewed for the same length of time and any other changes just re-balance
over extraction with under extraction.

Nothing can be perfect when it's all different.

The better* grinder always improves even the meanest brewing methods. Coffee
machines are like computer applications- Garbage in, Garbage out.
*Not It- the shiny toy with buttons, lights, knobs and digital readouts.

Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!

Why saddle a good espresso machine or any coffee brewer with a crummy

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