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> You are not the only one here Doug, I'm also  not a "dark sider" :-)
> That  has a lot to do with never having a good espresso like the one's
> discussed here.
> That's probably a good thing when a proper set up will set 
> you back almost a
> grand!
> Cheers!
> John in Nor Cal

John, whatever you do DO NOT ever stop by my newly opened Roastery
Coffeehouse running 4 Mazzer espresso grinders paired with dual PID'd 4grp
Linea. Yesterday pulled what was almost (but not quite) my first GodShot in
almost a year, a simply stunning almost (but not quite:-) knock me off my
feet SO Sidamo DP shot. (Roasted specifically for SO espresso, at 6 days
rest) A soaring balanced deep milk chocolaty and creamy sweet pink
grapefruit attack upfront ending in a jammy blueberry linger of close to two
hours. Man that sucker almost bowled me over, couldn't quit smiling for an
hour, but not quite a Godshot. (Remember, my bar is set rather high for
calling a Godshot:-)

For many it can get much much worse than that. Slippery slope indeed. If
buying my espresso "beginners setup" of yesteryear yes today it would run
'bout a grand today, Silvia and Rocky. Today my kitchen counter espresso
machine would run close to $2k. For some like Mr. Chester it ends (maybe)
with a ~$7.5k GS 3 and a grinder costing more than that original $1k
beginners total setup... And there are some home barista even further down
the rabbit hole than Mr. Chester!

Beware the power of the dark side, forever can it control your destiny.
Simply good espresso is something to figure out why it wasn't better and how
make it better next time!

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