[Homeroast] Espresso advice

Steven Van Dyke coffee at svandyke.com
Thu Jan 7 19:59:53 CST 2010

Ease your way into it - get a MyPressi Twist to 
use with the grinder you have.  Then the only 
thing you might need to add is a hot water pot.

I also don't do much espresso so I'm happy with the Twist.

Here are the tips I've picked up from the HomeBarista forum:

1) - something I actually figured out.   Some N2O 
cartridges are shorter than others.  Check the 
length and if it's shorter than the ones that 
come with the Twist use something to pad it to 
length.  A bit of  double-stick foam  tape with 
some paper over it (so it won't stick to the end 
cap) should work.  Right now I'm using a folded 
bit of paper.  Without it you'll lose pressure and waste cartridges.

2) Take the basket out and re-assemble the 
unit.  Fill with fresh boiled water, put on the 
cap and let it warm up while you measure and 
grind your coffee (at least a minute).  Dump the 
water in the water chamber into your cup to 
pre-warm it.  Refill the chamber with freshly 
boiled water (your hot pot should get back to 
boiling very quickly).  Let that warm it for 30 
seconds while you load and tamp the basket.  Put 
the basket in, reboil the water and refill the 
chamber with freshly boiled water.  Dump your cup 
pre-heat and pull the shot.  Naked shots are dead 
easy - you just remove the bottom part of the 
unit that serves as a catcher / splitter.  Note: 
it's best if your cup is a little wider than the 
bottom of the filter so you can contain sprays if your tamp is off.

It seems like a pain for temp control but it's 
really less of a bother than some of the 
temperature surfing regimes I've heard.

If you enjoy the Twist and find you're having 
enough espresso to justify it, *then* you can get 
the really good machine and keep the Twist for work / travel.

If you find that you don't do espresso that much 
then the Twist will probably be all you need and 
it doesn't take up much room *or* much bank account. ;)

At 04:05 PM 1/7/2010, you wrote:
>Good afternoon everyone: I'm wondering if 
>someone could provide some advice. I've been 
>throwing around the thought of advancing my 
>espresso setup. I currently have a Breville Cafe 
>Modena and the Jura Capresso Inifinity 
>(Stainless.) The espresso machine, my wife got 
>it free from being at the Martha Stewart show. I 
>bought the Capresso thinking it was a nice 
>grinder for making some decent espressos and 
>americanos. I make espresso from time to time, 
>but mainly use my Europress for the americanos. 
>As time goes on, my coffee addiction has me 
>wanting a Silvia and the Rocky. Can I afford 
>them? Well, I'm sure I'd find a way, but then 
>again, my wife would find a way to make me 
>regret it. Could someone please respond and tell 
>me that what I have is alright and to wait on 
>the new equipment? I dont want to jump into a 
>large expense when I'm ok with what I have for 
>as much as I use it. Thanks again everyone! NectaroftheGods

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