[Homeroast] Espresso advice

Mark Jones mpj100 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 7 16:05:14 CST 2010

Good afternoon everyone: 

I'm wondering if someone could provide some advice. I've been throwing around the thought of advancing my espresso setup. I currently have a Breville Cafe Modena and the Jura Capresso Inifinity (Stainless.) The espresso machine, my wife got it free from being at the Martha Stewart show. I bought the Capresso thinking it was a nice grinder for making some decent espressos and americanos. I make espresso from time to time, but mainly use my Europress for the americanos. 

As time goes on, my coffee addiction has me wanting a Silvia and the Rocky. Can I afford them? Well, I'm sure I'd find a way, but then again, my wife would find a way to make me regret it. Could someone please respond and tell me that what I have is alright and to wait on the new equipment? 

I dont want to jump into a large expense when I'm ok with what I have for as much as I use it. 

Thanks again everyone! 


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