[Homeroast] Rancilio setting for french press coffee?

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Thu Jan 7 15:25:05 CST 2010

I'm using 30 and set the timer to steep for 3 minutes, 45 seconds.

When I first got the Rocky I found that the numbers on the tape were offset by about 10. In other words, when therewas 
absolutely zero clearance the scale still read 10.

So I ordered a new tape, removed the old one, and replaced the tape so that zero on the tape really means zero 
clearance. Otherwise you have to specify what the number is above the zero point and that just irritated me. (Sorry to 
be so anal, but all those graduate physics classes beat it into me decades ago.)


>  I have one of these babies: http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.rancilio-rocky.php
>  and am quite happy with it. I noticed this past weekend while at a french cafe in
>  Long Beach that their grind for french press coffee (Bodum) was more granular than what
>  I normally use. I set my Rancilio at "40" for french press coffee.
>  I'm curious what others who have a Rancilio and drink their coffee in a press
>  set their Rancilio to? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
>  TIA,
>  Jackson

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