[Homeroast] Rancilio setting for french press coffee?

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Out of lurk mode for this important question. 

This is a question I have frequently asked myself. I have fluctuated from 25 (using an additional nylon screen) for 2.5 min to 45 using 4 minutes. 

I guess it is personal taste. I would say my average is 30 for 3 min. 

I would love to hear why you use 40, and the steep time. Do you also use a nylon screen-which allows a somewhat finer grind. 

Thanks. Dean. 
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Subject: [Homeroast] Rancilio setting for french press coffee?

I have one of these babies: 
and am quite happy with it. I noticed this past weekend while at a 
french cafe in
Long Beach that their grind for french press coffee (Bodum) was more 
granular than what
I normally use. I set my Rancilio at "40" for french press coffee.

I'm curious what others who have a Rancilio and drink their coffee in a 
set their Rancilio to? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?



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