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Have you read "Uncommon Grounds The History Of Coffee And How It Transformed Our World" by Mark Pendergrast? Very interesting book that really increases ones appreciation of coffee and the culture surrounding it. 
Another book that I just acquired yesterday (and have not started reading yet, but will make a point of telling all of you what I think once I do) is "Coffee: A Dark History" by Anthony Wild. 
These books are more history books than fun facts books but do have some very interesting facts in them.

Ryan M. Ward

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> I've been going through the shelves of cookbooks in sort of a "winter
> cleaning" (ahead of a spring cleaning), and found the following cookbook.
> We have no idea how it came to be in our possession.
> "Coffee Recipes"
> Customs, Facts & Fancies
> By Jean Gordon
> Copyright 1963
> "A collection of 130 coffee recipes and fascinating coffee lore from
> forty-five countries, beginning with the 13th century up to and including
> the present day."
> On the back of the dust jacket:
> * London coffee houses in the 18th century were sometimes referred to as
> "Penny Universities."
> * Louix XV spent $15,000 per year on coffee for his daughters
> * A husband's refusal to supply his wife with coffee was grounds for divorce
> in the "City of the Sultan."
> * The first coffee house (The King's Arms) in New York was opened in 1696
> * The Cajun folk of Louisiana like thir coffe, "Black as the devil, hot as
> hell, pure asn an angel, sweet as love."
> * Johan Sebastian Bach wrote a "Coffee Cantata."
> * When a woman remains unmarried in the Netherlands Antilles, they say, "She
> has lost her coffee branch."
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