[Homeroast] Fun Coffee Facts

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 23:22:44 CST 2010

I've been going through the shelves of cookbooks in sort of a "winter
cleaning" (ahead of a spring cleaning), and found the following cookbook.
We have no idea how it came to be in our possession.

"Coffee Recipes"
Customs, Facts & Fancies
By Jean Gordon
Copyright 1963

"A collection of 130 coffee recipes and fascinating coffee lore from
forty-five countries, beginning with the 13th century up to and including
the present day."

On the back of the dust jacket:


* London coffee houses in the 18th century were sometimes referred to as
"Penny Universities."

* Louix XV spent $15,000 per year on coffee for his daughters

* A husband's refusal to supply his wife with coffee was grounds for divorce
in the "City of the Sultan."

* The first coffee house (The King's Arms) in New York was opened in 1696

* The Cajun folk of Louisiana like thir coffe, "Black as the devil, hot as
hell, pure asn an angel, sweet as love."

* Johan Sebastian Bach wrote a "Coffee Cantata."

* When a woman remains unmarried in the Netherlands Antilles, they say, "She
has lost her coffee branch."

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