[Homeroast] The Vac is Back!

Doug Hoople doughoople at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 17:41:31 CST 2010

Wow, the Yrg's nice, too. Roasted to C+, no hint of 2nd crack. The sweetness
is more muted, but there's a spiciness that's really amazing, almost like
cardamon with a touch of tamarind.

Homeroasting rules!


On Wed, Jan 6, 2010 at 3:02 PM, Doug Hoople <doughoople at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Got to the container two days ago, set up my Vario through a 220-110
> stepdown transformer, and unpacked the vacpots.  Yama 5-cup and 8-cup
> stovetop, with Cona, Corning and Cory glass rods.
> I had a gas stove in California, and it's an electric here, so it's taken a
> bit of adjustment to make things work. I turn on two burners, a wire spacer
> for each, one medium-hot, the other medium-low, as the burners don't respond
> quickly enough to work with just one. Medium-hot for the hot-water rise,
> medium-low for the 110-second steep, and medium-hot again to finish for the
> 10-second vapor column burst that guarantees a consistent drawdown. Max
> water temp in the funnel, 201F, even during the burst.
> I brewed about a half-dozen calibration pots, some from pre-roasted beans,
> and one from my own first batch. None of these was particularly satisfying,
> and I started wondering why I was so obsessed with doing things my way. Had
> I only imagined perfect cups in California?
> Roasted up a few more batches of coffee as I'm getting used to the new heat
> gun, a Papua New Guinea, an Ethiopian Yrgacheffe and an East Timor. Here in
> New Zealand, you don't get the kind of information about origin that SM
> provides, so they're a bit generic and mysterious to me. The PNG and the Yrg
> I got from an NZ-based Internet supplier, Green Bean House, and the East
> Timor I got from Havana Coffee, here in Wellington.
> btw, since I can't get SM here, and you can't get these suppliers there, I
> thought it safe to mention their names, more as a matter of curiosity about
> where to get coffee in a place where SM's is out of reach. If that's a
> violation of list policy, let me know.
> The first pass at the East Timor was very lackluster, and I think I baked
> the first pass at the PNG, which took 7 minutes between 1st and 2nd crack.
> .
> But I nailed the 2nd attempt on the East Timor, taking it just past FC+,
> not quite to Vienna, at around 14:30. Brewed it up in the vacpot after 18
> hours rest, and voila!!! The nicest cup of coffee I've had in 2-1/2 months!
> There's nothing like it! Perfectly caramelized sugars, and supersweet.
> Competing with the silts of a press, this sweetness would be lost in the
> noise. Brewed in the vacpot, clean as a whistle, it sings clear as a bell.
> Lovely.
> Now to see how the Yrg turned out.
> Here in New Zealand, where it's all espresso and press pots, it's more
> important than ever to run your own home roastery and cafe!!
> Nice to be back in action. Almost feels like home.
> Doug

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