[Homeroast] List issues

Pat Sklenar pat at sklenar.info
Tue Jan 5 16:09:40 CST 2010

Oh i've been receiving list traffic ... dozens of post per day ... but 
... I never saw Tom's email that Rich included in his list reply (that 
John referenced).  Quite strange. <shrug>


Jim Couch wrote:
> Well....If Tom Posted it to the List and you weren't getting list
> traffic......but if you weren't getting list traffic then how were ya seein
> Rich's post. Strange....
> On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Pat Sklenar <pat at sklenar.info> wrote:
>> Same here.
>> pat----
>> John A C Despres wrote:
>>> Interestingly, I did not receive Tom's post, but saw it only in Rich's
>>> reply. ...
>>> John

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