[Homeroast] Skerton and AP rocks

sci scizen at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 16:46:15 CST 2010

My new Harion Skerton handmill grinds like a champ and matches perfectly
with the AP for an outstanding cup. Tom has a video of him grinding directly
into an AP. It works well. My only complaint is that it is difficult to
adjust. To adjust, you have to take off a nut, the handle, and a retainer.
Then screw the adjuster ring, and reassemble. If you got the grind wrong,
you have to do all that again. So, the nifty grinder needs to be "dialed in"
to a particular brew method. After that you don't want to tinker with it
much for other methods. The ceramic burrs really bite and it has a wonderful
feel. Also, the upper unit will screw onto any medium sized canning jar
(Ball or Mason), so if you ever break the glass, there's no need to replace
it with a costly part. My two Zass grinders are now languishing on the
Now my big question: why doesn't Mazzer, Baratza, et al. retrofit ceramic
burrs for all their grinders? I'd love to have ceramics in my Virtuoso.

A Coffee Animal

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