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Greg Hollrigel ghollrigel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 18:15:22 CST 2010

So ... overall, my experiment was a success (for my taste buds).

Workshop #7 I labelled as FC+ (about 20 seconds into 2nd crack).  I roasted
8 ounces on 1lb, P2, A - I subtracted 4 minutes initially, and after hitting
start, added back 3 minutes.  It was about 5 minutes between 1st crack and
2nd crack.  I hit first crack around 11:30 and 2nd crack around 17:00.
(This is my typical P2 roasting profile).  The shots pulled really well and
the flavor was good.  I have a Gaggia Factory 106 lever machine, so I'm
pulling smaller shots.  I would say the shots had the consistency of warm
honey and left a nice lingering taste on the tongue after the shot was
finished.  I didn't have much fruit flavors, more towards bittersweet type
flavors, which is what I would expect from taking the roast this long.
Overall, I'm happy that I got the workshop blends working again.

SO Sumatra (Sumatra Lintong Dolok Sanggul) - I labelled this as FC+ (a bit
darker than the coffee above, but not much, 2nd crack just started picking
up speed).  I roasted 8 ounces on 1 lb, P4, B - I subtracted 5 minutes (I
believe, I took the original time down to 15:00, and added back 5:00 minutes
after the start).  This I think increases the initial heating ramp on P4.
1st crack started around 15:00 and 2nd crack started aroun 19:00.  This is
pretty typical for my P4 roasts.  Interestingly, or luckily, I have avoided
"baked" coffee.   Again, this is a pretty typical roasting profile for me on
P4.  The beans looked great.  I tasted the espresso on day 4 post roast.  It
was still too gassy in my opinion, I'll give it another day or two.  But,
the shots pulled decently, just a bit too light, and the flavor was pretty
good.  I also drank it as drip from the CCD, and it was fantastic.  So I
have high hopes for these beans too.

I was so happy, I tested my experiment by roasting another batch of Workshop
#6 - Treble Response to take it darker (if you recall, in my previous roasts
stopped just before 2nd crack, the shots were ok, but not great, and didn't
have the consistency that I like - nice crema and kind of syrupy/honeyish).
So I roasted 8 ounces on 1lb, P4, A.  I subtracted 4 minutes (start time was
14:00) and added back 5:00 after start.  I went about 10-20 seconds into 2nd
crack.  This time however, the time between 1st and 2nd was only about 3
minutes, which is typically shorter than my goal.  But, the beans look
exactly how I wanted.  I had to hit cool with 1 minute before the end.  My
hypothesis (or hope :-)):  the shots will pull with better consistency than
when I roasted to C+/FC.  This has 2-3 more days of rest.

As an aside, I also almost lost a roast.  I was roasting Ethiopia Gr. 3 Dry
Process Yirga Cheffe.  I roasted 8 ounces on 1 lb, A, P4, subracting 4
minutes, and adding back 5 after start.  First crack started almost at 16:00
minutes.  It started rolling pretty strong, but then I saw a bunch of
smoke.  I thought ... did I already go into 2nd crack, wow!  So I hit cool
and opened the door for about 30 seconds to make it cool quickly.  I thought
it was gone, way into rolling 2nd crack.  It turns out, the beans look and
smell perfect!  Ha!  It was rolling 1st crack when I cooled them.  I would
say by color, the roast is C or C+.  1 day after roast, the beans smell
pretty fruity.  Tomorrow I will have a cup.  I think it will be good.  So, I
got lucky on this one, just hope the taste works out.

I usually do my Ethiopians on P2, but as I mentioned, I was getting divots,
so I was trying alternate profiles.  The beans look much better on the P4,
but taste will be the determinant.

Also, on my P2 roasts, just for some information, I usually reduce the
initial time so the drop in temperature/power is about 8:30, which is about
30-60 seconds before 1st crack begins for me under my conditions.  This has
worked well for me to reduce the divots, by trying to slow the heat up into
1st crack, and to prolong the time until 2nd crack.  I used to wait until
1st crack started, but I like this approach.

I like to see crema, regardless of the tasting comments.  I figure if it's
good enough for the shops I like, it's good enough for me.  Sometimes I
blend the crema in, sometimes I don't.  My biggest difficulty is just
getting consistency on my lever machine, but I think I'm coming to the
conclusion that my Zass grinder may not be good enough for espresso.  It
seems to work 80-90% of the time in terms of giving me the shot consistency
I like.  But when things go haywire, the only thing I can figure is I am at
the limits of my grinder and can't get it finer.

Anyway, hope some of this information is useful to other Behmor users.  It
is fun for me to see the differences.

Happy Sunday!


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> I forgot to add Greg, let us know how those shots pull!

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