[Homeroast] espresso roast profiles

Ed Needham beans at homeroaster.com
Sat Jan 2 13:37:59 CST 2010

Mike, if your crema tastes like dreck, then it's a problem with the shot. 
Crema is as much a part of the enjoyment of espresso as the coffee itself. 
A good shot should not show too much difference between where the crema ends 
and the coffee begins.
Crema should not taste like dreck.
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"

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> Depends heavily on the bean,  most of my roasts for espresso lately are in
> the FC / FC+ range, often stopping just before 2nd crack, but I usually 
> rely
> on Tom's roast notes.  I typically try for about 4-5 mintues between 1st
> crack and end of roast (regardless of how dark) if I'm roasting something
> specifically for espresso (usuallly it's Tom's blends).   This was some
> advice from miKe, and my shots have improved considerably since I've 
> started
> doing that.
> Dont worry about crema - it's overrated and tastes like dreck anyway.
> --mike

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