[Homeroast] espresso roast profiles

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 14:23:58 CST 2010

I've been trying to improve my crema on my new-to-me La Peppina lever,
but I realize some of my shots with poor crema taste pretty good.

Higher temps and an assisted spring help with the crema.

I spent my sister's SM gift cert on 5# liquid amber, 1# ea. #7 & #8
workshop, and 1# donkey (night shots) and it'll be good to get back
home for espresso. Thanks, sis.

-Chris (yakster at gmail.com)

P.s. Apologies for not being able to cut the qouted thread on my
mobile Gmail. ,

On 1/2/10, Tom Ulmer <tom at transtate.us> wrote:
> I will sometimes roast lighter for espresso with thoughts of cutting the
> shot with steamed cream or as a component in a blend. Even after two weeks
> of rest most single origin coffees I've tried do not work as espresso for my
> tastes. mcKoffee mentioned having some success with lighter roasts but I do
> not recall the particulars.
> In my opinion being able to minimize the amount of crema production during
> the pull is a great advantage of a manual lever.
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> Yes that's it. For a while I was doing it and noticed an improvement. Now
> when I remember I just remove a little and stir. It seems,to me, just
> stirring the shot improves it. Anyone else removing the crema?
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