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The fruity acids, among other things, are prominent in lighter roasts. 
These include malic acid (think apple), ascorbic acid (citrus), and acetic 
acid (vinegar).  The more you roast the beans, the less citrusy, green 
grassy, astringent taste you will have.

There is a sweet spot where the degradation of the fruity acids and the 
optimum caramelization of the sugars occur, but typically, the tasty 
caramel, and sometimes nutty or chocolaty flavors are not seen at the city 
roast stage.

If you like bright, tart flavors, roast lighter.  If you like the more 
mellow, sweeter, caramel/nutty/chocolate flavors, roast a bit darker.  Think 
balance.  A dark roast past second crack will degrade the fruity acids to 
almost nothing as well as turning caramel to carbon. The roasty flavors then 
take over and completely  destroy the varietal flavors.

Finding that sweet spot is the magic of roasting for me.  I like a lively 
cup with some of the fruity acids and clean finishing flavors, but I also 
really like to balance that with the slurpy caramels and nutty chocolates of 
a near second crack or beginning second crack roast.

Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"

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> Good morning everyone:
> With the snow approaching, I'm hoping it doesn't hold up my SM order. That 
> would give me the sweats for sure knowing it'll be late. I've not been a 
> 100% thrilled with my past few roasts. I currently am trying to finish up 
> a city roast from Costa Rica. The taste is somewhat on the bitter side or 
> possibly a heavy citrus taste. My palate my be out of whack with this 
> roast. I roasted 1/2lb on P1 and tried to get it close to 2:20 once I 
> heard 1C start, but I was only able to get it to 1:30 once I heard 1C 
> thereby turning out a light roast. Based on SM pictorial chart of bean 
> roasts, I'm pretty much a City or just shy of a City + roast. Would the 
> roast cause the somewhat bitter taste or is this flavor due to the bean 
> origin? In thoughts of it possibly being my brewer, I have a 2 week old 
> Brew Central by Cuisinart; its a really nice looking brewer with a black 
> brushed metal casing. I always add one extra scoop per cup of water for 
> some umph.
> Thoughts?
> Mark

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