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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 20:53:04 CST 2010

I'm glad everyone seems to have made it through any threatened Tsunami's
unscathed.  From the few news reports I've seen, the death toll in Chile was
pretty small, thankfully, for such a large quake.

I'm just getting back to roasting, having reassembled my espresso machine
after changing the gaskets and seals when the water flow started to slow...
probably could have saved a lot of worry and trouble by just running some
citric acid through it, but I'd never changed the original seals and gaskets
and was worried that they were bad.  I ended up stripping out a screw and
having to drill it out and find a metric tap to get things put back
together, but with the good directions I got with the seal and gasket kit I
was able to make things right.

I'm now roasting a Honey Panama in the Behmor.  My last roast, Moka Kadir, I
roasted for the espresso machine, but ended up tearing it apart and just
drinking the Moka Kadir as coffee.

With the Moka Kadir, I tried out an experiment where I brewed up cups at the
same time with my two Clever Coffee Drippers, using a generic white filter
in one and the new Melita white filters with the micro-perforations in the
other to see if I could taste a difference... I couldn't.  The Brix readings
on them were the same and I tasted the same coffee / bakers chocolate
flavors in both cups... maybe with a more floral or brighter coffee or
lighter roast I could taste a difference, but not with the Moka Kadir.  The
spent grounds in the Melita looked  better, like there was more drainage
through the sides while the generic filter looked like more grounds were
pulled down to the bottom.  Maybe the immersion style of the CCD also
nullifies any difference... a pour-over or coffee maker might see a

This was a follow-up experiment, I was reading a thread on CoffeeGeek about
Stale Water affecting the flavor of coffee and decided to boil out the
dissolved oxygen in the water and make two cups, blowing bubbles in one with
a coffee straw... in this experiment, I did taste a difference with the one
that I aerated having more flavor and the blueberries came out better and
earlier with the aerated brew (on a Ethiopian with two days rest, a little
early, but the peak would be during the week where I wouldn't have the time
to experiment.  Here's a link to the aeration experiment on CoffeeGeek:

I've been enjoying the coffee experiments so far with dose, grind, aeration,
etc.  The CCDs seem ideal to do an A B comparison.

Anyway, stay dry everyone, love to hear about any experiments anyone else
has undertaken lately.

- Chris

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