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I try to rest the beans for a week at least in my ceramic counter canisters, you know the Coffee, Flour, Sugar, Tea? What I run into is that I run low on what I'm drinking and have to open the canisters a day or two after the roast. I roast the beans downstairs in my basement, which is about 62 degrees F. From what you're saying, all these factors are affecting the roast. Yes/ No? 

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Making sure for a given bean/roast rest and taste rest and taste scenario 
you go out at least 10 to 12 days. No Really. You may be surprised what 
flavors emerge (sometimes explode) a week and half or so out. Not usually, 
but sometimes. Especially if dealing with espresso. 

While there are indeed a plethora of flavors to be had directly starting 
post roast, personally I find most coffees don't fully develop really coming 
into there own until 4 or 5 days rest. And agree generally speaking the 
darker the roast the less rest required. 

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> No.... 
> rest and taste, rest then taste, way too many variables for 
> anyone to say 
> there is. 
> JoeR 
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> > Is there a standard rest period for roasts? 
> > 
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> > You might try giving lighter roasts a two day longer rest period 
> > between roasting and brewing than darker roasts. 
> > pecan 
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