[Homeroast] Costa Rican City roast

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Thu Feb 25 10:48:16 CST 2010

CR's 'tend' to be light bodied and dancingly bright on the palate lighter
roasts. That said your roast sounds way too fast start of 1st to end of
roast. You need to adjust the ramp approaching and through first so you can
get a minimum 3min (I usually target more like 3:30 non-espresso targeted
roasts) start of 1st to end or roast, regardless the degree of roast. Yeah
can be difficult light roasts and I can't tell you how to do it with your
roaster. You just gotta learn how to control your roaster. If you can't
control your roaster results are a crap shoot.

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> Good morning everyone: 
> With the snow approaching, I'm hoping it doesn't hold up my 
> SM order. That would give me the sweats for sure knowing 
> it'll be late. I've not been a 100% thrilled with my past few 
> roasts. I currently am trying to finish up a city roast from 
> Costa Rica. The taste is somewhat on the bitter side or 
> possibly a heavy citrus taste. My palate my be out of whack 
> with this roast. I roasted 1/2lb on P1 and tried to get it 
> close to 2:20 once I heard 1C start, but I was only able to 
> get it to 1:30 once I heard 1C thereby turning out a light 
> roast. Based on SM pictorial chart of bean roasts, I'm pretty 
> much a City or just shy of a City + roast. Would the roast 
> cause the somewhat bitter taste or is this flavor due to the 
> bean origin? In thoughts of it possibly being my brewer, I 
> have a 2 week old Brew Central by Cuisinart; its a really 
> nice looking brewer with a black brushed metal casing. I 
> always add one extra scoop per cup of water for some umph. 
> Thoughts? 
> Mark 

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