[Homeroast] Costa Rican City roast

Mark Jones mpj100 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 25 10:36:09 CST 2010

Good morning everyone: 

With the snow approaching, I'm hoping it doesn't hold up my SM order. That would give me the sweats for sure knowing it'll be late. I've not been a 100% thrilled with my past few roasts. I currently am trying to finish up a city roast from Costa Rica. The taste is somewhat on the bitter side or possibly a heavy citrus taste. My palate my be out of whack with this roast. I roasted 1/2lb on P1 and tried to get it close to 2:20 once I heard 1C start, but I was only able to get it to 1:30 once I heard 1C thereby turning out a light roast. Based on SM pictorial chart of bean roasts, I'm pretty much a City or just shy of a City + roast. Would the roast cause the somewhat bitter taste or is this flavor due to the bean origin? In thoughts of it possibly being my brewer, I have a 2 week old Brew Central by Cuisinart; its a really nice looking brewer with a black brushed metal casing. I always add one extra scoop per cup of water for some umph. 



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