[Homeroast] City? City +? Full City?

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Yes, a reference set. You make good points. Also, different origins are 
going to look totally different at similar roast levels, for example a DP 
Ethiopian vs WP Kenyan. Still I think it would be useful if only to 
underscore reference points.

I thought it was useful when I started roasting for the Lady Silvia. I 
ordered roasted and green samples of SM espresso blends, to see what they 
should finish like. Then adjusted the roasting to match.

Bruce Garley

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> Do you mean a "reference set" of roasted beans? While it sounds like a 
> good
> idea, a bean can look quite different right out of the roaster versus 
> having
> sat days, weeks or months after roasting. And what a bean "looks like" 
> with
> a 5 minute roast versus 15 minute may look very much the same color, yet
> would be entirely different. Looks is but one clue to a roast. And really
> for List purposes I believe Tom has done an excellent job with his Roast
> Pictorial providing a very good set of reference points when discussing
> roasts.
> Or go the route (that has been done twice I know of over the years just on
> this List and then they're never used by people discussing roasts anyway) 
> of
> making a faux Agron tile set via paint sample cards...
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>> I still think that offering roasted examples of a couple
>> origins in city to
>> full city plus roasts, as a series,  might help establish the
>> standards for
>> these roasts.
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