[Homeroast] City? City +? Full City?

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Sat Feb 20 23:33:09 CST 2010

>>  My concern is communication amongst us home coffee roasters. My Full City +
>>  may be your Full City. Yet your Full City may come after 2nd crack and my
>>  Full City is before 2nd is remotely near.

That's an issue among shop roasters and commercial roasters. I 
remember being in a store with Equal Exchange coffee, a bin label 
reading "Full City Roast" and glossy black oily coffee in side with a 
nice thick coating of oil on the lucite itself ... Anyway, we try to 
set a standard but it is hard to do so in either temperatures or 
colors, since those vary by roast system and by coffee type, 
varietal, etc. While it seems a bit sloppy, I think talking about it 
relative to the audible cracks makes sense, but in a way its best to 
combine all the factors to try to fill in the gaps - no one factor 
can really designate degree of roast in and of itself. I have been 
working on printed cards for a long time, but had too much trouble 
getting finished prints that are a decent color match.


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