[Homeroast] Second brewer throwdown

mary deem catechumenes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 18:38:25 CST 2010

John - Thanks for the clarification on the brewing throwdown rules.

Count me in.  Barring any major snowstorms, I should have 3-4 people tasting
along with me.  Now if I can only dig up my French press....it seems to have
disappeared.  In the meantime, Moka pot versus auto drip with paper filter
(a Gavalia Coffee machine-a  present from my sister..haven't the heart to
get rid of it for that reason..).

Anyone want to share ideas on what they are going to be roasting for the
throwdown? I know we each get to choose the coffee...but I would not be
adverse to roasting the same bean as some one else..and comparing the
results with different brewing methods.

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