[Homeroast] Taste not the same

Kathleen Tinkel ktinkel at broadlyspeaking.com
Mon Feb 15 14:59:33 CST 2010

Dennis --

I also have the Krups Power Brew, and found that I had to tinker with 
the grounds and water ratios to get the coffee to taste good. Now I 
find I prefer the Krups coffee to that from the TV. I use paper 
filters, have been on a Yirgacheffe binge for a while, and drink 
coffee unsweetened and black.

Taste is elusive and difficult to quantify, and you and I have quite 
different setups, but this is what I did to get coffee that I liked 
out of the Krups:

Try grinding finer. The Krups manual says the brewer is designed for 
the grind usually found in pre-ground canned coffees, but that was 
definitely too coarse for me.

Use filtered water instead of the Krups filter. I draw water from the 
door of the fridge.

Turn the brewer off as soon as it is done. In my case, making 4 
(Krups) cups at a time, I turn the machine off at 4.5 minutes. (I use 
a kitchen timer as a reminder.)

Measure everything (coffee at specific grinds, water, timing) and try 
adjusting one factor at a time. If possible, make the same coffee on 
your old equipment and the Krups and have a taste-off and compare the 
results. Try to describe the differences you find -- "not the same" 
is insufficiently descriptive.

My favorite benchmark is a Chemex pour-over coffee maker.

Good luck. Do let us know how it goes.

-- Kathleen

At 11:25 AM -0800 2/15/10, Dennis Guyer wrote:
>I have been lurking on the board for about a year now.  I have been 
>home roasting for about that same time.  I use an IRoast2, and have 
>been very happy with the results.  It's now time to ask a question 
>as I have run into a situation that I have not been able to solve. 
>I use the Aeropress, and CCD for my coffee during the day.  The 
>question comes up when I have people over, and want to make a larger 
>amount of coffee.  I then use a new coffee maker called the Krups 
>"Power Brew" drip coffee maker.  It is suppose to reach the 200° 
>target temperature.  I do know it is brewing at a higher temperature 
>than any pot I have owned.  The issue is I have not been able to 
>brew a pot of my homeroast that is acceptable.  In the AP or CCD I 
>enjoy them, but the taste in the coffee maker is just not the same. 
>Has anyone had this experience and how did you solve it?  Is there a 
>coffee Sweet Maria's carries that is better for this type of brewer? 
>I have learned so much lurking I thought I would jump in and see if 
>someone can help me.

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