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Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 13:44:10 CST 2010

I moved all my automatic drip coffeemakers to the garage and bought a second
CCD so I can brew four cups in parallel.  I also brew in a vacuum pot when I
have company over.

Besides temperature issues with a drip machine, you have contact time with
the water contacting the coffee to deal with.  With a automatic coffee
maker, you can adjust this somewhat (like with a simple cone pourover) by
fining up the grind to slow down the flow, but only to a certain extent.
Newer, mostly commercial brewers use pulse brewing which can achieve your
target extraction in a consistent fashion.  With the AP and CCD, you have
full control over the contact time independent of the grind size, and also
full control over the starting water temps.

I don't have any specific recommendations for a pulse coffee maker, this is
something I've read about on the forums and it also helps prevent the bloom
from really fresh coffees from overflowing the basket.  There's mention of
this type of brewing (along with bypass brewing where a certain amount of
water is detoured around the coffee) on the James Hoffmann blog entry about
fining up the grind size, an interesting experiment I'm doing with my CCD
and a optical Brix refractomer, and finding out that a much finer grind then
I imagined gives better flavor.


You can also look at the Coffee Basics on the Bunn site that talks about
grind size and brewing time.  What is your brewing time?  Does your coffee
taste thin or underextracted?


If you've switched to metric, like I now have, you can get the same
information in grams and liters instead of ounces and half gallons here:


When I upgrade my grinder, I might start using the large stainless steel
french press I found at a thrift store for brewing when company comes
over... right now I have too much trouble with fines from my grinder to use
french press.


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 11:25 AM, Dennis Guyer <adg22 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I have been lurking on the board for about a year now.  I have been home
> roasting for about that same time.  I use an IRoast2, and have been very
> happy with the results.  It's now time to ask a question as I have run into
> a situation that I have not been able to solve.  I use the Aeropress, and
> CCD for my coffee during the day.  The question comes up when I have people
> over, and want to make a larger amount of coffee.  I then use a new coffee
> maker called the Krups "Power Brew" drip coffee maker.  It is suppose to
> reach the 200° target temperature.  I do know it is brewing at a higher
> temperature than any pot I have owned.  The issue is I have not been able to
> brew a pot of my homeroast that is acceptable.  In the AP or CCD I enjoy
> them, but the taste in the coffee maker is just not the same.  Has anyone
> had this experience and how did you solve it?  Is there a coffee Sweet
> Maria's carries that is better for this type of brewer?  I have learned so
> much lurking I thought I would jump in and see if someone can help me.
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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