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John A C Despres johndespres at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 13:42:39 CST 2010

Hi, Dennis.

Hmmm. Are you able to control your steep time with the Krups as you are with
the CCD? I steep in my CCD for 5 minutes as described by Tom in a video he
posted. My auto dripper is a Technivorm and while steeping for five minutes
doesn't work, I also follow Tom's recommendations here

Your brewer has the 'Brew Pause" feature - Maybe you can leave the pot out
at the beginning of your brew to et the grounds steep a bit longer. Or try
brewing a full pot with the 'Aroma Function" for smaller pots turnd on even
for a full pot.

Can you lift the lid a couple minutes into the brew to give the grounds a
stir? That might help, to.

I hope this is helpful.


On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 2:25 PM, Dennis Guyer <adg22 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I have been lurking on the board for about a year now.  I have been home
> roasting for about that same time.  I use an IRoast2, and have been very
> happy with the results.  It's now time to ask a question as I have run into
> a situation that I have not been able to solve.  I use the Aeropress, and
> CCD for my coffee during the day.  The question comes up when I have people
> over, and want to make a larger amount of coffee.  I then use a new coffee
> maker called the Krups "Power Brew" drip coffee maker.  It is suppose to
> reach the 200° target temperature.  I do know it is brewing at a higher
> temperature than any pot I have owned.  The issue is I have not been able to
> brew a pot of my homeroast that is acceptable.  In the AP or CCD I enjoy
> them, but the taste in the coffee maker is just not the same.  Has anyone
> had this experience and how did you solve it?  Is there a coffee Sweet
> Maria's carries that is better for this type of brewer?  I have learned so
> much lurking I thought I would jump in and see if someone can help me.
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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