[Homeroast] Second brewer throwdown

mary deem catechumenes at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 19:10:43 CST 2010

Some questions regarding the Second brewer throwdown:

Are Moka Pots allowed?
Is either a plain old Melitta filter pour over drip or auto drip allowed?
Can one do the tasting one day later...I would have a lot easier time
rounding up people for a coffee tasting on Sunday afternoon then Saturday?

Being a die hard moka pot fan, I don't have most of the other brewing
equipment listed :(  I think I have a French Press buried somewhere in my
pantry closet...but not sure I remember how to use it (eegads - I need to
broaden my horizons a little).

No hard feelings if none of these things are permissible :)  It will be as
much fun to 'watch from the sidelines' as to participate!



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