[Homeroast] Happy President's Day

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 09:40:36 CST 2010

Happy President's Day, everyone.

Valentines Day was a success, but now I'm out of coffee... well maybe 3
grams of a Brazil.  I really liked the red grapes Sautéed in wine (12 year
old bottle of Bonny Doon wine) and espresso and it went well with the leg of
lamb, couscous, and asparagus.

Since I pulled my last shot of my roasted Espresso Workshop #8 that morning,
I pulled shots of the Brazil roast and followed up after dinner with two
cappuccinos from the same.  Nice.  Hope everyone had a great weekend, or
even long weekend like I get for a change.  I'm roasting up a Kenya now and
will have to decide what I'll be roasting for espresso next.  I loosened up
the grind on my espresso and the shots are flowing more easily now and
tasting great.  I actually prefer the singles now to the doubles, but
they're more like clean singles then thick, syrupy ristrettos that can be so
addictive.  I think I'll roast up some Moka Kadir since I've never pulled
this one as espresso (that I remember).


On Sun, Feb 14, 2010 at 6:37 AM, Yakster <yakster at gmail.com> wrote:

> Happy Valentine's Day, everyone, and Gung Ho Fat Choy!
> Fireworks scared the dogs pretty good at Midnight, so I had to let them in
> and snuggle with them for a little while.  Woke me out of a sound sleep
> wondering if someone had left the TV on tuned to static... I remember
> falling asleep, getting the test pattern and then waking to static when the
> TV station went of the air, but these days they don't go off the air and the
> TVs give you a blue screen when there's no signal.  Progress.
> Woke up early this morning and put out the Valentines day candy for my
> family and decided to get a pre-dawn session in on La Peppina while the rest
> of the family slept.  It sure is nice to be able to grind and pull espresso
> without waking everyone using the hand mill and the pump-less lever.  It's
> so quiet, even my daughter sleeping just 20 feet from me on the family room
> couch isn't stirring.
> I'm finishing up on the Espresso Workshop #8, and just pulling 7 g singles
> this morning.  I like this bean and today I'm focusing on singles pulled for
> a nice, clean flavor, not updosed and thick and syrupy, which I really like
> too.  I pulled a straight shot of some Brazil I roasted for coffee too to
> see how it tastes and it was pretty good, strong caramel taste.  I think
> I'll be using this for the Sautéed Grapes with Espresso & Red Wine I'll be
> making to go with the lamb tonight.
> http://www.straight.com/article/sauta-ed-grapes-with-espresso-red-wine
> Hope everyone has a great V Day and New Year!
> -Chris

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