[Homeroast] Mountain Regional Barista Competition

David T mrfunnybones at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 14 20:22:25 CST 2010

I find it interesting that he did so well with a blend of two roasts  
of the same coffee.  About five years ago I won a roasting contest  
with a blend of three roasts of the same coffee, the two major  
components were simply different levels of roasting and the third,  
which made up less than a sixth of the blend, was somewhat unevenly  
roasted directly over a pecan wood fire.
     pecan jim
In developing his espresso, we found the Hailie selassie incredibly diverse in what it could offer.  We both loved the winey bright fruit notesin the lighter roasts, but also loved the spice and everything nice in the darker.  They married really well together at the two levels giving youa balanced complexity of flavors.  From city to full city+, it was just amazinghow much this coffee changed in the espresso machine.  Gary 		 	   		  
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