[Homeroast] Dating Green Coffee Supplies

Yakster yakster at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 22:01:30 CST 2010

Are you suggesting a green singles get-together?

Ineresting, but many of the best blends are the product of more then
two participants... :-)


On 2/12/10, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
<sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com> wrote:
> You know, they actually are coded with a little letter on the label,
> but off hand I cannot tell you what they mean! Let me forward this to
> Maria. Since we pack coffee all the time, and nearly every coffee is
> repacked every week, the labels on bags we ship each month definitely
> stand for that particular month. So if you look at the letter on the
> labels from your last order and just work backwards, that will date
> it pretty well for you. We just use the alphabet consecutively. We do
> this to ensure that, in our bins of packed coffee, there is not some
> little "pocket" of older bags that doesn't sit longer than others. We
> actually physically rotate too as we fill, but I guess its just an
> added measure. Also, all the coffee is from the same lot, so it's all
> the same from start to finish. But lets say, in a bad case, there was
> a bag that got wet in transit... and had white beans in it. Then we
> could track it down, I suppose...
> Now, from the subject line, it looked like you might be looking for a
> date. This might not make it through some SPAM filters!
> Tom
>>Greetings, group,
>>I seem to recall a thread about Date-Marking Packages of Green
>>Coffees, and I also seem to remember that Tom thought he might go
>>ahead with the idea.  This would definitely be a help to me.
>>However, the last coffee I purchased at and from SM's has no
>>date-mark on the package.
>>Whatever happened to this suggestion?
>>Happy Roasting, (and, in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day:
>>Happy Dating)
>>robert yoder
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