[Homeroast] Dating Green Coffee Supplies

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Fri Feb 12 19:28:43 CST 2010

You know, they actually are coded with a little letter on the label, 
but off hand I cannot tell you what they mean! Let me forward this to 
Maria. Since we pack coffee all the time, and nearly every coffee is 
repacked every week, the labels on bags we ship each month definitely 
stand for that particular month. So if you look at the letter on the 
labels from your last order and just work backwards, that will date 
it pretty well for you. We just use the alphabet consecutively. We do 
this to ensure that, in our bins of packed coffee, there is not some 
little "pocket" of older bags that doesn't sit longer than others. We 
actually physically rotate too as we fill, but I guess its just an 
added measure. Also, all the coffee is from the same lot, so it's all 
the same from start to finish. But lets say, in a bad case, there was 
a bag that got wet in transit... and had white beans in it. Then we 
could track it down, I suppose...

Now, from the subject line, it looked like you might be looking for a 
date. This might not make it through some SPAM filters!


>Greetings, group,
>I seem to recall a thread about Date-Marking Packages of Green 
>Coffees, and I also seem to remember that Tom thought he might go 
>ahead with the idea.  This would definitely be a help to me.
>However, the last coffee I purchased at and from SM's has no 
>date-mark on the package.
>Whatever happened to this suggestion?
>Happy Roasting, (and, in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day: 
>Happy Dating)
>robert yoder
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