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I will try your technique of watching for a temperature rise at the end of
1C.  Thanks for sharing.  I can hear 1C best if I kneel about 2 feet in
front of my Gene Cafe with my ears at the level of the roaster.  It seems
that the sound of the motor and fan go over my head a bit.  


I can sometimes hear 1C very well but not always, seems to be bean specific.
One thing I've noticed is that if I go into 1C at max setting of 482 deg F
there is a much more pronounced crack vs. when I crack with 462 deg F on the
dial.  The last batch of SM I roasted, an Ethiopian, lost chaff right at 1C
but with a recent El Salvador roast the chaff was in full frenzy several
minutes before 1C.  So I guess the chaff will depend on the bean and




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Hi Phil,


I have been using the Gene Caf? for over two years and understand what you 


about missing first crack. One visual clue that I use is to watch for the 

parchment flying off

the beans; I then put my ear close to the exhaust and listen to the cracks. 

I have also learned

on my particular machine that first crack lasts approximately 2 minutes from

start to end

for 230g of beans. If you do as I do and set the temperature to 475 degrees,

a good visual

clue that first crack is complete is that the temperature begins

to rise (it stays more or less constant during first crack at between 450 

and 460)


Good luck and enjoy





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