[Homeroast] Roast not done?

stan bob stanbob10 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 11 15:32:16 CST 2010

Hi all
Sure sounds like allot of us have had to have a "Fix."  I'm certainly on that list too!  Sounds like just a little too much safety has been engineered into our machines!  ...and yes, I too don't recall how I fixed mine! lol
BTW, I am mostly just a lurker here.  Love the great discussion and have gotten great wisdom from all you Folks.  Thanks

After the "fix", you may notice a consistent decrease in the number of
minutes per roast.  For example, speaking about a friend, it was exactly 3.5
minutes shorter to the start of 1C on an 8 ounce batch, no matter what the

The friend was able to use his or her old data by just subracting that 3.5

I deny everything, I don't know what fix you are talking about, and if I
did, I never did it, nor did I talk about it.


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