[Homeroast] I did it.

Steve Scigliano sciggy at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 10 15:01:13 CST 2010

Hi Phil,

I have been using the Gene Café for over two years and understand what you 
about missing first crack. One visual clue that I use is to watch for the 
parchment flying off
the beans; I then put my ear close to the exhaust and listen to the cracks. 
I have also learned
on my particular machine that first crack lasts approximately 2 minutes from 
start to end
for 230g of beans. If you do as I do and set the temperature to 475 degrees, 
a good visual
clue that first crack is complete is that the temperature begins
to rise (it stays more or less constant during first crack at between 450 
and 460)

Good luck and enjoy


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Subject: [Homeroast] I did it.

> The other day my new Gene Café arrived, along with a Yama 5 cup and lots 
> of
> beans.
> Everything arrived safe and sound - the packaging by SM was more than
> adequate.
> I read through the Gene manual several times, looked at things on the web,
> and tried my first roast last night - a Kenya Kirinyaga AA Gakuyu-ini
> Factory.
> Now I get to start the learning curve all over again - and one of the big
> things I now know I need to do is to listen *very* carefully for 1st crack
> and 2nd crack.  I'm used to a hot air popcorn popper outside where it was
> very obvious.  Roasting indoors with the Gene with a hood fan on - well, I
> missed 1st crack altogether.  I turned off the hood fan and then at some
> point realized I was in 2nd crack - but the sound of the popping is muted.
> So I over-roasted  - it was well into 2nd crack before I realized it, 
> which
> is darker than I normally roast.  But this morning, the cup was really 
> nice!
> I didn't ruin the batch!
> I tried out my new 5 cup Yama, and it was a great, nice clean cup.
> WhoHoo!
> I searched on the SM Forum but didn't find anything about recommended
> cleaning procedures for the Yama cloth filter.  I do recall some months 
> back
> some discussion on this email list.
> Could someone point me to Yama cloth filter cleaning best known methods
> (BKMs)?
> Thanks
> Phil
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