[Homeroast] I did it.

Phil Palmintere phil.palmintere at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 12:18:57 CST 2010

The other day my new Gene Café arrived, along with a Yama 5 cup and lots of

Everything arrived safe and sound - the packaging by SM was more than

I read through the Gene manual several times, looked at things on the web,
and tried my first roast last night - a Kenya Kirinyaga AA Gakuyu-ini

Now I get to start the learning curve all over again - and one of the big
things I now know I need to do is to listen *very* carefully for 1st crack
and 2nd crack.  I'm used to a hot air popcorn popper outside where it was
very obvious.  Roasting indoors with the Gene with a hood fan on - well, I
missed 1st crack altogether.  I turned off the hood fan and then at some
point realized I was in 2nd crack - but the sound of the popping is muted.
So I over-roasted  - it was well into 2nd crack before I realized it, which
is darker than I normally roast.  But this morning, the cup was really nice!
I didn't ruin the batch!

I tried out my new 5 cup Yama, and it was a great, nice clean cup.  


I searched on the SM Forum but didn't find anything about recommended
cleaning procedures for the Yama cloth filter.  I do recall some months back
some discussion on this email list.

Could someone point me to Yama cloth filter cleaning best known methods


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