[Homeroast] Coffee Lovers keep on drinking...

Laura Carey laurajcarey at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 03:40:59 CST 2010

Coffee Lovers, keep on drinking.


I found this little tid-bit of information that you will all find


Coffee Protects Liver 

Drinking coffee might protect against the progressive liver damage that
results from excess drinking and alcoholism. Consuming coffee seems to offer
a protective benefit against alcoholic cirrhosis, and the more coffee a
person consumes the less risk they seem to have of dying from alcoholic
cirrhosis. People drinking one cup of coffee a day were 20 percent less
likely to have alcoholic cirrhosis. People drinking two or three cups were
40 percent less likely to have alcoholic cirrhosis. For people who drank
four or more cups of coffee a day, there was an 80 percent reduction in
risk. Researchers have no idea what it is in coffee that offers the benefit.




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