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No offense intended your way. My post wasn't in response to your re-cycling
the wipes idea, I was into re-cycling long before re-cycling was offered by
the garbage syndicate. Which by the why in our area is ridiculous what they
charge a business to re-cycle IN ADDITION to much higher garbage rates than
residential. But that's another story of why I don't PAY for re-cycling
stuff from my two cafes. NOTE I said I don't PAY the garbage mafia to
re-cycle. I take all the re-cycling home from both my Coffeehouses and
curbside re-cycle it, which is included in the already lower residential
garbage fees. It's a PIA, would be easier to just toss it in with my
commercial garbage, but I do it anyway. But I refuse to pay the business
rape re-cycling charges.

I digress, back to my post reply to your post reply to my thread post reply.
It was rather in response to those proselyting just taking them for use


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> Sad, but true, MiKe, but what's that got to do with re-using 
> one handi-wipe already used to clean one's own hands before 
> entering a store? 
> Something seems to have pushed the Out of All Proportion 
> Button and I can't find a way to turn it off.
> robert yoder,
> wishing he'd never thought to offer a good, creative re-use 
> suggestion to this group 

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