[Homeroast] Has anybody ever heard of / seen thesecoffeeroasters?

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While I don't disagree there are some way underpowered wannabe roasters
being sold out there, don't think for a second available heat power is the
only criteria in determining a roasters performance or capacity. Design
matters. For instance a typical Q-Drum roast setup runs around 50k btu with
up to maybe 5LB capacity. USRC 3k is 25k btu and 8LB batches no problem. And
I'm not talking long 30 or even on the outside of decent 20 minute roasts.
Manageable profiled roasts.

Ok ok, a USRC ain't a hacked home rotisserie oven setup...

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> All of those roasters came from people like us looking for 
> ways to drum 
> roast coffee with off the shelf products.  When their ideas 
> failed, they 
> tacked on additional heating devices and made them at least 
> nominally work 
> Joe Behm did the same thing with the Behmor, except he went 
> to the drawing 
> board and designed a product from scratch to eliminate the 
> albatross look. 
> Then he found an economical way to make a bunch of them using 
> an overseas 
> manufacturer.
> I have seen reviews of each of these machines and most have 
> criticisms, but 
> most would probably make us happier than using a hot air popper. 
> Overpriced?  Yes.  Outrageously overpriced.
> Get a quality rotisserie style countertop roaster for $60, a 
> convection 
> feature might be nice, then start making it work.  Make a 
> drum, have one 
> made, or whatever, and do some experimenting.  It's fun, it's 
> what drives me 
> to continue fiddling, and roasting, and coming up with new ideas.
> Anyone here know who got homeroasters interested in using a 
> grill to roast 
> coffee back in about 2000?
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> >I do like your math though. On paper it sounds good. Ahh, cyberpaper?
> > JoeR
> >
> > On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 4:37 AM, Scott Miller 
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> >
> >> Well, simply looking at specs says all you need to know.
> >> A Behmor that is advertised to roast 1 pound : 1630w/15a 120v
> >>
> >> That site has a 4 pound roaster listed at 1750 watts.
> >>
> >> I'm thinking a 3-4 pound would take... umm... 2 hours to 
> reach 1st crack.
> >>
> >> cheers,
> >>
> >> Scott

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