[Homeroast] Cleaning OT

miKe mcKoffee mcKona at comcast.net
Mon Feb 8 21:05:15 CST 2010

People spill something and grab a PILE of napkins to wipe it up instead of
asking for a bar towel. People grab a FEW EXTRA sugar/splenda/whatever to
take home. People take home a FEW EXTRA sani-wipes. Oh yeah, all figured
into the price of whatever, yeah right.

OBVIOUSLY some have never had to watch people in essence (mindlessly or not)
steal from them and/or be wasteful (mindlessly or not) while they struggle
to make payroll and keep a business's doors open. And then of course those
same people complain about prices...

Excessive entitlement mentality and waste. What's made America what it is
today, in the toilet.

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