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Perhaps you are technically correct, but his point is still valid in
practice, either way we have to pay the price for the wipes when we buy
our doughnuts, whether we actually use them or not- so in effect the
marginal cost of taking and accumulating the wipes during a given store
visit is zero relative to a similar visit in which we do not take the
Further, I imagine that the wipes present a very minor impact on the
store's P&L relative to all things considered. 

Now sure, the argument can be made that if we all started grabbing wipes
every time we visited the store then that line item on the companies
P&L statement would start to increase and we could probably expect
to see store prices increase to compensate. I have two thoughts on this:

1) Given the swine flu epidemic/pandemic, I speculate without data that
the number of wipes being used in stores has increased dramatically.
Thus it seems plausible to suspect that this increased usage (which I
speculate will be in large part temporary) has already been factored
into the companies budget and is reflected in the price accordingly.

2) Regarding everybody grabbing wipes all at once: sure- this is true in
theory but I do not think the roasting list has that great of an
ability to move such economic indicators as sanitizing wipes (no
offence). Since sanitizing wipes are not particularly a rare commodity, I see no reason to be concerned here.

Ryan M. Ward

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> Robert Yoder wrote:
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> > The sanitizing hand-wipes available at grocery-stores' front doors have many uses.   Best of all:  they're free to us!
> Well, not really.  The cost of those wipes is factored into the profit 
> margin of the store, which means higher prices at the checkout counter.
> A package of WetWipes costs about a buck.  Or you could just keep a 
> bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol (75 cents) and an old washrag in your 
> glovebox.
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