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Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Mon Feb 8 13:52:56 CST 2010

Of all the espressos I've tried--homeroast from SM's greens or fresh boutique roast (Redline, Black Cat, KidO, Hairbender), SOs or blends, nothing comes close (at least to my palate) to Liquid Amber. Closest I've gotten is my own Rocket Fuel blend, which I've tried to guesstimate from sight, size and aroma of bean (and general principles) as an "hommage" to Liquid Amber; and SM's Aussie Mt. Top (when they carry it).
On Feb 8, 2010, at 2:24 AM, raymanowen at gmail.com wrote:

> I had been thrilling my Celtic Critic and others with IMV shots. Finally
> exhausted the IMV. I hadn't held out hope that the Liquid Amber blend could
> possibly match the Ethiopian- actually hoped it wouldn't, since I only got
> two 2# sub-sample sizes of the SM blends.
> (snip)
> Now to brew some of the IMV and neat espresso blends without trying to
> outfox a leaky machine. Smallest stash first, the Liquid Amber was stunning!
> All I could think of was Liquid Gold. The Scott's building on Havana looks
> empty and abandoned lately.
> (snip)
> I like low brow machines- there's always the excuse for disaster shots. (snip)
Try it on a well-maintained e61 group HX or dual-boiler and you will find yourself relegating lowbrow machines to your basement or attic----but I wouldn't consider a Saeco Vapore to be lowbrow.....just takes patience, a great grinder, and adaptation to the machine's limitations.  OTOH, no way would I consider wasting Liquid Amber on my Crapesso Ultima.  (Still haven't banished it from my Basement Museum of Failed or Inferior Espresso Devices--I am waiting for a friend to complain about the terrible 'spro they get from a Krups steam toy or pumper-with-training-wheels, and an excuse to give said friend a little gift.  OTOH, I resurrected and cleaned up my LaPavoni PGB with the semi-warped grounds-bin-base and presented it to my recording engineer and his wife down in Sparta, IL to go with the Gaggia Color basic dual-purpose single boiler I got them for Christmas and a hospitality gift; though they'd only used moka pots before, it took them all of 15 minutes of practice to pull the best shots and cappas in Randolph County.  Sorry, but you'll have to have them record or produce your CD to get a cup from them). 
> There's a whole huge difference between using vanilla extract, even a fresh
> tincture, and a vanilla bean segment. Caviar and all, the little chunk
> really lights it up.
beans, beans, the magical fruit!
> Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!
> Your excuses pretty much evaporate with the $2K machine.
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