[Homeroast] advantages of the 2 Behmor drums

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I like most people have both drums. I went to using the small drum only
because there was no significant difference in the amount of chaff left in
the drum (I didn't pick out each piece of chaff with tweezers to do an
actual statistical test). Only the Longberrys really left a lot of chaff in
the small drum. When you vacuum out the Behmor, vacuum the outside of the
drum with the beans still inside to get as much chaff out of the drum before
dumping the beans. I have done this with both drums.

Like what Ed said below I decided to test both drums with the different size
beans and see if I noticed any differences in my cup. So far I really
haven't noticed a difference between the two drums as far as flavour or
roasting results. I have only done this test for about 6 lbs so far.

John H. 

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I would think you might get a little better heat flow into the drum
with the larger mesh drum with beans that won't fall through.
Ed Bourgeois aka farmroast
Amherst MA.

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