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Mon Feb 8 02:24:37 CST 2010

I had been thrilling my Celtic Critic and others with IMV shots. Finally
exhausted the IMV. I hadn't held out hope that the Liquid Amber blend could
possibly match the Ethiopian- actually hoped it wouldn't, since I only got
two 2# sub-sample sizes of the SM blends.

There had to be more stash from the pantry of the 5br house buried in a box
somewhere. Voila!  3# more of IMV, a pound of the L-A and a full 2 pound
baby sample of WS #2 Auriferous.

Meanwhile, Capresso sent a new Luxe body as a "refurbished" machine.

Now to brew some of the IMV and neat espresso blends without trying to
outfox a leaky machine. Smallest stash first, the Liquid Amber was stunning!
All I could think of was Liquid Gold. The Scott's building on Havana looks
empty and abandoned lately.

Scott's still seems to be alive online, so I can't plagiarize Liquid Gold
for any of my paltry brew. Scott's, Baroness Coffee and one of my high
vacuum coating clients were in a line around the Arsenal and Stapleton's N-S
runway. What a Developer's jackpot, with DIA.

My jackpot was the IMV/ WS#2 blend at C+. On 215 hours, I get a nice puff of
aroma when I unseal the jar. This time the grinder burr spacing was 0.012",
no pre-infusion. Nothin' but Crema! (Crema-phobes: don't get tangled in the
revolving door)

Settled down to a 9mm layer! of crema by the time I knocked and rinsed the
PF. What a sforzando was the first sip from that cup. Not bright, just an
introductory delight that mutated slowly in the cup.

I like low brow machines- there's always the excuse for disaster shots. If I
feel a disaster coming on, real or imagined, I microfoam some whole milk
with Côte d'Or petits as dark as I can find them, with honey, cinnamon and a
Nacho Vanilla bean segment. Then the shot can be terrible or not, you'd
never notice it.

There's a whole huge difference between using vanilla extract, even a fresh
tincture, and a vanilla bean segment. Caviar and all, the little chunk
really lights it up.

Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!

Your excuses pretty much evaporate with the $2K machine.

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