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Stephen Carey stephenc at his.com
Mon Feb 8 01:41:19 CST 2010

Like most things in Costa Rica - or anywhere 
else, actually - much of it depends on your 
guide.  I live down there about 3 months out of 
the year, broken up, not all at once.  And, on 
every tour we have found that by asking around - 
from taxi drivers to other tourists, it is 
possible to get a great guide who will have 
"privileges to do the tour.  Some can wiz you in 
and out and you may think you saw nothing - which 
can be the actual truth, or, you can go with a 
guide who really knows his stuff (or her 
stuff).  It is like taking a tour of the rain 
forest.  The best guides we have found are 
actually biologists or other life science degreed people.

For coffee, our first tour, and probably one of 
the better is just as Phil said: Café Britt http://www.cafebritt.com/

Not only is the tour worth the time, but it keeps 
you in San Jose a bit longer and there is so much 
to see in that city.  Many of us, and I totally 
get this, want to get to our destination, whether 
it be friends or relatives, or a beach or inland 
camp.  But, when we travel there, we leave at 
least one, but usually two days to see even more 
of San Jose.  It is a 25 minutes flight from our 
home in Manuel Antonio, but a 3 hour drive - 
which is incredible - for that, hire a driver who 
knows the way and can give you a tour.  The time 
speeds by.  And, should you be in a faster mood, 
the new toll road should be open soon.

Good luck and enjoy.


At 03:15 PM 2/5/2010, you wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone has ever been on one 
>of the Costa Rica coffee tours.  I'm going in 
>June and am wondering if the tours are good or 
>if they are a waste of time.  Thanks
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