[Homeroast] advantages of the 2 Behmor drums

Wally Merrin coffee at wmerrin.com
Sun Feb 7 23:46:54 CST 2010

> What are other Behmor users finding about the 2 drums?

Add me to the list of people who only use the small grid drum.  I  
bought one because of Yemens falling through, and decided it wasn't  
worth the extra space to keep the big one inside the kitchen.  The  
large grid drum is out in a garage cabinet somewhere, I never use it.

The issue of chaff being trapped in the small drum was mentioned  
somewhere, maybe on Behmor's site (I don't remember), but it has not  
been noticeable for me.  There is very little chaff trapped by the  
small grid, certainly not noticeably more then the large grid.  It's a  


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